Northern Lights Community School (NLCS) is an innovative school where there is a small accepting learning community, an environmental focus, authentic hands-on projects, and students drive their education. Students at NLCS are treated as unique individuals with tremendous talent. Student voice and interest is at the center of all educational decisions. The goal of the school is to provide learning opportunities for students working at all levels of academic achievement, who are looking for a smaller, more personalized atmosphere. The education at NLCS is innovative, authentic, and creates a real passion for learning!

Northern Lights Community School is a tuition free public charter school for grades 6-12 located in Warba, MN and is open to any student in the state. NLCS is an independent public school and is considered by the state of Minnesota to be an independent school district.

Currently we have 100+ students enrolled at NLCS. We are now accepting applications for the 2013 - 2014 school year. If you would like to know more about this process, you can find enrollment forms on this site.


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P.O. Box 2829
305 Bridge Street
Warba, MN 55793


Fax: 218-492-4402


Northern Lights Community School Mission Statement

Northern Lights Community School will create a safe, small and enthusiastic

learning community in which all students are known well, taught as individuals,

and encouraged to be good stewards of our environment.


Every student will be treated as a unique individual and will each have a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

Every student will be ensured a safe family-oriented learning environment that focuses on continual growth.

Every student will learn to be environmental stewards community service oriented citizens.

Every student will acquire essential life skills to ensure success in the 21st century.
School Authorizer Information

Audubon Center of the North Woods
43 Main St., Suite 238
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone (612) 331-4181
Fax: (612) 331-1171

David Greenberg, Lead Coordinator

2007-2009 Northern Lights Community School
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