Bus Safety

Be on time to help keep the bus or van on schedule.
Follow the driver’s instructions.
Remain seated.
Do not endanger yourself or others.
Do not bring animals, food, beverages, tobacco, chemicals or hazardous objects on the bus or van.
Speak and act courteously.
Help keep your vehicle clean and safe.

Student Safety Certification

Students in grades 6 through 10 will receive bus safety training at some point during the first few weeks of school. Emphasis will be on the following:
NLCS policies for student and school vehicle safety
Appropriate conduct while riding in school vehicles
Danger zones surrounding a school bus
Procedures for safely boarding and leaving a bus
Procedures for safe vehicle lane crossings
School bus evacuation and other emergency procedures
Transportation by school vehicle is a privilege, not a right. Students who do not act responsibly while riding in school vehicles may be suspended from riding privileges. If a student is denied bus transportation because of misbehavior, parents or guardians are responsible for finding or providing transportation. Students are not excused from school because transportation is denied.

Arrowhead Transit

NLCS uses Arrowhead Transit buses for transportation. The school has a strong relationship with Arrowhead Transit. There are seat belts and cameras on every Arrowhead bus. Being public routes, students are allowed to transfer to other locations (job sites, community events, outside programs, other living residence, etc.). Arrowhead buses are smaller than traditional school buses and only hold a maximum of 28 students, which fits our school mission as a small learning community. Friends and family have been able to ride the bus as the transportation is a public route. It is important that our students learn to navigate public transportation as this skill will benefit them in the future. Students claim Arrowhead buses are more comfortable than school buses from other schools. New students can easily join an existing route. This minimizes the need to change pick-up times, routes, and overall timeline.