NLBC Board Minutes

Northern Lights Building Company
Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2018
3:00 pm
  1. Vickie Kepler, Northern Lights Building Company Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:03pm.

Board members present: Vickie Kepler, Ellen Coffel, Gail Otteson, Mike Minea, Toby Carey, Dave Hagman and Norm Chaffee.  Non-voting present: Mike Hammernick as NLCS representative, Amy Chung, Art Norton

Members absent: Jerry Snusted, Jerry is resigning from the board and will be sending a formal letter.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Agenda Approved. Motion to approve agenda made by Ellen/second by Mike.  All approved.
  3. Minutes reviewed from the previous meeting in March. Motion to approve minutes made by Toby/second by Norm.  All approved.
  4. Financial reports reviewed. Motion made by Gail/Second by Toby to approve financial reports.  All approved.
    1. Spot checks of NLBC bank statements and the Purchase Order book was completed by Ellen and Dave prior to the meeting.
    2. After reviewing the 2018/2019 budget, Dave made the motion to approve the budget, Ellen second. All approved.   A brief update on the grant was given.  The Building Company has paid $81045.00 of the in-kind portion of the grant out of the $150,000 required of us.  The remaining portion of the grant will largely be used on the tuckpointing currently being done. Once the tuckpointing is complete, we will know better of the funds still available.  As an encouraging note, Al, who is doing the tuckpointing (Al’s Restoration), has said that the building is in good shape.
  5. NLCS: The school was encouraged to use Facebook and Instagram for marketing rather than a billboard.

A) Update from NLCS Building Committee

Gail and Art gave an update from the NLCS Building Committee.  The mission of this group is to advise the Building Company from the School as to what would be helpful.  In this way the Building Company and the school can work together to address the needs the school has that the Building Company can help with.  When the NLCS Building Committee met, they discussed that a large building to support projects would be extremely beneficial.  However, we cannot have a building without hiring a new teacher.  There is help available for funding a teacher, although a licensed teacher may be hard to find.  There is a sense of urgency as pursuing this type of programming would certainly draw in future students as well as help the current students.  There were questions raised as to whether the school would receive any support at the federal level.  Dave had investigated a program called “Youth Build” that does get kids involved in the trades.  This is an option.  There is also possible funding through IRRRB, Kootasca, and Blandin.  Vickie and Gail will talk with Kootasca, Norm will talk with ICC, Art will talk with IRRRB.  Lee Mattson is also a possibility if looking into robotics.

B) Grant Requests: Gail has completed a new grant request form after recommendations at our last meeting.

  1. Don for Band Trip: Paperwork submitted by Don was reviewed.  Toby asked if Don tried to raise money.  Don’s assignment was reduced this year and history has said that Don is not great at fundraising.  Motion to approve grant made by Dave, second by Ellen. All approved
  2. Rachel for kitchen/serving area: Rachel has submitted a work request for a serving area in the kitchen to make serving more convenient/safer and reduce health risks.  Drawings are currently being done thru a formal proposal by Hawk Construction.  We are hoping to get this added on to the grant as it is a health/wellness and safety issue.  Gary, our contact person at Hawk, will be contacting the health inspector to make sure all the work will be up to code.  Ellen made the motion that we move forward.  Mike amended the motion that approval from NLBC be contingent on the approval of the change order through the grant.  If the work is not approved by the grant (Kootasca), we will do an emergency email vote with the work not exceeding $15,000.  Second by Dave.  All approved.
  3. Karen for fundraisers: Tabled due to no paperwork
  4. Landscaping on front of school: Students approached Vickie that they would like to do a landscaping class. This may be an ideal time for it as the construction work would likely damage the landscape in the front of the building.  Tabled for the time being.

7. Building Summer Projects

  1. Building use: Any use of the building during the summer will need to be coordinated with the workers/contractors.  Gail also made a “Northern Lights Community School Building Use Permit” form so that we can better track who is going to be using the building.  In the past, approval have been given by work of mouth.  At this point, anyone can use the facility and there is no fee or deposit required.  As most building work needs to be completed during the summer months, contractors will be given priority.  Motion made by Dave to use the form in the future, second by Mike.  All approved.
  2. Potential hire for paint work: Each of the classrooms will get repainted.  Chuck already has a full load of projects to get done over the summer.  Dave made the motion to hire someone to paint the walls at $15/hour, not to exceed $3500.  Second by Norm.  All approved.

8. NLBC By-laws and Policies: There are several potential policies in the minutes that have never been formalized as well as potential changes to the by-laws.  NLBC board members will read through the handout given of potential polices and make notes to have ready for the next meeting.

The following amendment was voted on.

NLBC By-Laws, Article 2, Section 7, (f) “Action without meeting: An action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the Directors may be taken without a meeting by written action signed by all of the Directors entitled to vote on that action. The written action is effective when it has been signed by all of those Directors, unless a different effective time is provided in written action.”   Dave made the motion to add electronic approval.  Second by Gail.  All approved.

  1. NLBC Board Members and positions

According to our by-laws, the board positions are 2 years.

Board Chair: Vickie Kepler

Executive Assistant: Amy Chung

Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Chung

Vickie proposes a change to Article 3 officers as Amy is currently doing several of the positions:

Article 3, Section 4:
Secretary/Treasurer: “Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain or cause to be maintained minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, give notices of meetings of the Board of Directors as required by law, shall maintain or cause to be maintained the financial accounts, shall hold the same open for inspection and examination by the Board of Directors, shall prepare or cause to be prepared a full report of the finance of the corporation to be presented at each annual meeting of the corporation and shall perform such other duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors.”

Article 3, Section 6:

Executive Director: “The Board of Directors may appoint or hire an executive director who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation and subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, shall have general supervision over the daily operation of the corporation.  The Executive Director shall also prepare or cause to be prepared the annual administrative budget of the corporation and shall have such other authority and perform other such duties as may be determined by the Board of Directors.”

Amy will prepare a job description of what she is currently doing.
Everyone felt it would be a good idea to get a bond.  Vickie will talk with Greater Insurance to discuss a bond for Amy and check cosigners Dave, Ellen, Gail, and Vickie.

Motion to adjourn made by Ellen, Second by Vickie.  All approved.   Meeting adjourned at 4:49pm.

Next NLBC Board Meeting: September 11 at 3:00pm

Minutes submitted by Amy Chung.

Northern Lights Building Company

Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2017


  1. Northern Lights Building Company Board Meeting called to order by Board Chair, Vickie Kepler

Members present: Jerry, Ellen, Norm, Dave, Amy

Members absent: Gail

Guests: Chuck to give an update on the building.  Mike and Toby Carey to see if NLBC would be a good fit for them.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Agenda Approved. Motion made by Dave.  Seconded by Jerry.  All approved
  3. Minutes of previous meetings: September 30 and November 7 approved. Motion made by Dave.  Seconded by Norm.  All approved.
  4. Financial reports approved. Motion made by Ellen.  Seconded by Norm.  All approved.
  5. Grant Update: No changes have been done with the grant since we last updated with the approval of the bid for the tuckpointing.   We have roughly $100,000 not allocated for our portion of the in-kind.  Approximately $45,000 has been spent from the Kootasca portion.  The tuckpointing work will not begin until summer.
  6. Old business:
  7. Update on Chuck and his position at NLBC: Chuck brought a small list of future projects for the board to be aware of: -the blacktop will need to be sealed in the future. The concrete out back is also busted up so perhaps the blacktop could be extended then also.  -a garage for the vehicles would keep them running better.Chuck said that there has been some confusion as to what is the School responsibility and what is the Building Company responsibility.  This will likely remain a grey area.

Chuck signed his contract December 1, 2017.  He will be working 20 hours a month for the Building Company as well as be on call for the alarm system.  He will be paid $500/month.

  1. In our June 2017 Board Meeting, Vickie was elected to NLBC Board Chair per a review in our December meeting. Vickie stated that she can ask people to wait until the end of her school work day to discuss building items.  Motion made by Jerry.  Seconded by Ellen.  All approved Vickie to stay as board chair.
  2. Greenhouse heater: Vickie has received a bid for installing a proper greenhouse heater. The heater that came with the greenhouse is not up to code as it does not have proper ventilation.  In the discussion, we should seek a refund for the original heater.  There is also a possibility of selling the old heater, however as it was obtained through a grant, we will need to make sure we can legally sell it.  The greenhouse itself is worth investing in as the structure is good.  Also, eight side dishes from the garden were eaten at school for lunch this fall.  With a heater, there is potential to grow things all year long.  Motion: Approval to have Northern Air install heater, as well as talk to the school regarding the old heater.  Motion made by Norm.  Seconded by Jerry.  Vickie abstained.  All approved.
  3. Basement ceiling: To extend the deadline for having the work completed as required by the Fire Marshal’s inspection, the board needs to approve a “plan of correction”. Also, our remaining portion of money to contribute towards the grant: $40,000 will be put toward the tuckpointing, leaving roughly $60,000 to put towards the ceiling.  Hawk Construction will be asked to do the work over April break.

Donna would also like to build a small room in the basement for fish tanks.  The room would come six feet out from the wall.  The board has made the decision that it would be better for the ceiling to get done first and then the room later.

Motion to approve plan of correction and wait on the small room made by Dave. Seconded by Jerry.  All Approved.  Vickie abstain due to conflict of interest.

  1. Wetlands Project update: Vickie met with DNR and Soil and Water and found out the following information: because it’s a ditch from the state and it’s a type 1/2 wetland (it dries out by mid-June), no permits are needed. It will be a 50’x100’ pond, 3’ deep.   The question was raised if a fence would be needed for safety concerns.  According to the research Vickie has done, detention ponds of class type 1 and 2, fences are not needed.  The goal of the project is to slow down the amount of salt that gets into the river.  The goals of the project are kids will be able to understand how water flows and how it effects the soil.  Jerry asked if money would be needed.  Vickie thought perhaps for the excavating.  Vickie is also presenting the project to the school board and the city of Warba.  Ellen, as mayor and on behalf of the city is still concerned about safety with no fence. Therefore, the following motion was made by Dave: The board supports the Wetlands Project with a sign posted and with consideration of a fence at a later date.  Seconded by Jerry.  All approved.  Vickie abstained.
  2. New business:
    1. Long term goals for building and school: Art would like us to think of some long-term ideas for the school.  We discussed a shop/garage building with there being a potential shortage of electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc., in the upcoming years.  We need to see if this is something the school wants and what NLBC’s financial position is after the grant.  Vickie will follow-up with Art for direction for long-term planning.
    2. Ellen made the motion to accept Toby and Mike to the NLBC Board. Dave seconded.  All approved.
    3. Future meeting dates: March 27, June 5, September 11, December 11

Motion made by Ellen to adjourn.  Mike seconded.  All approved.

Minutes submitted by Amy Chung.

Northern Lights Building Company

Meeting Minutes

September 30, 2017


  1. Call to order: Vickie called the meeting to order at 11:39am. Change of plans due to our portion of the Strategic Planning meeting ending early.  Board Members in attendance: Vickie, Dave, Jerry, Ellen
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Agenda Approval. Motion: Dave; Second: Ellen
  4. Approval of minutes from previous meeting: June 6, 2017. Motion: Dave; Second: Jerry. Motion carried.
  5. Financial Reports: Motion: Dave; Second: Jerry. Motion carried.
  6. Gail Otteson approved to the NLBC Board. Motion: Jerry; Second: Dave.  Motion carried.
  7. Report from NLCS: Tabled for the time as Mike still in Strategic Planning Meeting.
  8. Open issues
  9. Gail Otteson: NLBC Board addition – see Item #6; Kelly McCauley and Brandon Torgerson have requested to be removed from the board.
  10. Chuck Burress: NLCS Custodian & NLBC Building Administrator? Split pay?:  Mike said that the school is not interested in splitting Chuck’s pay.  They are wanting him as entirely a 40 hour/week custodian.

As such, Vickie, on behalf of NLBC will approach Chuck to be our Building Administrator.  We will draw a contract up for him stating his job description, his rate of pay ($22/hour for up to 20 hours a month).  We will also pay for his contractor license.  At our next board meeting in March, we will review how things are going.

  1. Student Hire: Continue working casually through the school year.   If needed for extension on Chuck’s job.
  2. Update on Kootasca Grant: work that has been completed, American Eagle maintenance fee. The camera work and new keys have all been completed.  American Eagle can be contracted to maintain the equipment for $3,125.00/annually.  NLBC will talk with the school about splitting the cost of this.

We have received a bid for the tuckpointing portion of the grant in the amount of $222,471.00.  The board has approved this bid and Vickie will notify Steve from Kootasca.

Motion: Dave; Second: Jerry; Motion carried.

  1. Update on summer work projects
    • New Office Space: work has been started but is on hold during school days.
    • Hallway paint: Hallways have been repainted
  2. Wetlands Project/Pond Runoff: Cole, the student who began this project, did not present the project to the City Council as was requested.  In the future, student projects that are of a larger nature have been requested to present to the City Council.  We will notify the School Board of this.  Ellen was concerned of the safety of a wetland/pond without proper fencing.  The City of Grand Rapids will be called to see if they have a policy/what they have done with their ponds.
  3. Donna: fish tanks. Donna was not at the meeting so this subject has been tabled for now.  A meeting will be coordinated between Donna, the students, and board members who are able to attend, specifically Vickie, Gail, Ellen, Dave, & Jerry.
  4. New business
  5. Make extra payment to principle. An extra payment will not be made to the principle.  Instead we will set aside $500/month instead of $400.  This will be reviewed annually when we set the budget.  Motion: Gail; Second: Ellen.  Motion carried.
  6. Roof Leaks. Through much communication and labor between Nelson Roofing and Edward Laplant, the leaks have been repaired.
  7. Fire Marshall Report. Steve will be contacted to do a “Change Order” to the grant to include the sprinklers bid and the basement ceiling.  Motion: Gail; Second: Jerry. Motion carried.
  8. Pictures to honor Donny & Rodney. We will get a picture of Donny printed to go with Rodney’s. Also, Lori has a picture of both Donny and Rodney playing their instruments together.  We will also print this picture to add.  We would like this done for our December meeting.  Motion: Jerry; Second Ellen. Motion carried.
  9. Communication between NLBC/NLCS & the community of Warba. Ellen brought up that the city would like to know what is going on with student projects that will affect the community.  Students are welcome and requested to present their projects to the City Council.  Ellen will also post a sign in the post office in the spring that community members are able to pick from the NLBC/Community garden.
  10. December Board Meeting & Dinner: December Board Meeting will be December 12, 2017 at 3:15 followed by a prime rib dinner.  The following people, who have been instrumental in the success of the building this year, will be invited: Steve Flemming (Kootasca), Isaac (Kootasca), Gary Marshall (Hawk Construction), Donny & Mary, Tobi (Community member).  Amy will discuss with Rachel a menu and costs.
  11. New members to the board: It would be good to have an additional community member on the board. Ellen will see if she can come up with anyone.  Motion: Vickie; Second: Gail.  Motion carried.

Adjournment.  Meeting adjourned.  Motion: Dave; Second: Gail. Motion carried.

Minutes recorded by Vickie Kepler

Northern Lights Building Company

Board Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2017 @ 3:15pm

  1. Call to order by Vickie – 3:18pm
  2. Pledge of allegiance – 3:19pm
  3. Agenda approval – Motion: Dave Second: Vickie Motion carried.  3:20pm
  4. March meeting minutes approval – Motion: Dave Second: Norm  Motion carried. 3:22pm
  5. Finance report approval – Motion: Dave Second: Norm  Motion carried. 3:26pm
  6. Todd’s resignation letter –  Board approved Todd’s resignation letter.  Motion: Norm  Second: Dave  Motion carried. 3:29pm
  7. Art regarding Strategic Planning. The Building Company would like to work alongside the School Board, staff, and students in this aspect.  Norm suggested the Building Company meet separately to get our ideas together and then meet with the School.  The school will likely meet when the staff returns at the end of August (August 22-24), we would like to meet before that.  This would require a special meeting.  We would like as much involvement from the Board as possible.  Amy will send out an email to set up a date and time.  3:49pm
  8. School lease
    1. Mowing and plowing contracts – Lease payments cannot be used for maintenance of grounds. Therefore, the Building Company cannot pay for the mowing and plowing of the property.
    2. Language changes to the present contract (amendments needed?) –

Mike gave the following updates:

  • Lease aid application had issues and delays: regarding the lease documents, page six, payment schedule is wrong. Amendments were made and as of June 6, 2017, the lease aid is approved.
  • Page three of the lease states that the building is 17000 square feet, while another place states the building is 21445 square feet. We will need to make sure that the lease matches the exact square footage and our insurance policy.  Follow up is needed.
  • Elevator maintenance fees – according to the lease aid, the tenant is to make sure everything is ADA.
  1. School space needs and possible changes – The following office space changes will be made: Becky will move to Mike’s office. Mike will move to Amy’s office.  Jackie will move to Becky’s office, and Amy moves to end of Chad’s room. This is due to Becky needing more privacy and quiet space for many of her jobs (confidential phone calls, payroll, etc.).  There will be two rooms that will be built on the end of Chad’s room.  $5,000 will be set aside for this construction.  Motion: Norm  Second: Ellen   Motion carried. 4:10pm
  1. Kootasca Grant update – Vickie updated that Tom has retired. Steve is now our contact person for Kootasca.  Because Heartland & Al’s Restoration did not put bids in on the date they were due, Steve took the bids to Hawkinson Construction to bid.  They have until June 23rd to get their bid in.   Hawkinson would oversee the full scope of the building projects: tuckpointing, camera’s, etc.  They would contract out to various companies as needed.  Dave will contact Steve for more suggestions for tuckpointing.  Vickie also asked for a change of order for the keys to be updated throughout the building.  Steve did not see a problem with this as it is a safety issue.  All the key work would need to be done by the end of summer.  Paul Haddix has been suggested to do the key work, Vickie will give Paul’s contact information to Steve.  4:18pm
  2. Budget for 2017-2018
    1. Some hand tools that had been purchased by the Building Company have gone missing over this school year. Because most classrooms have their own tools, we are going to wait on replacing these tools for the time being.
    2. The following summer projects have been approved by the board:
      • Office space built for Amy Love, see 8.c
      • Range hood in Student Kitchen, see 11.f
      • Heater in greenhouse, see 14.c
      • Wage for two students to work over the summer
      • Keys for the building if working through the grant will not get it done in time for next school year.
      • Repairs to library box in front of town hall
      • Repair of Frisbee Golf signs (9 holes)

The 2017-2018 Budget approved:  Motion: Norm  Second: Ellen  Motion carried. 4:57pm

  1. Building management discussion
    1. Building maintenance/grounds: discussed, see 8.a
    2. Building remodeling/projects: discussed, see 8.c, 10.b
    3. Building coordination with NLCS
    4. NLBC Board Chair position: Vickie was nominated for the Board Chair position. The benefit of Vickie being Board Chair is that she is at school most of the time so if something comes up with the building, she can handle it efficiently and directly.  A concern is that Vickie has already taken 8 hours of PTO time to handle NLBC items this past month.  The Board has approved to pay for a sub for Vickie so that she could do NLBC related items.  Ellen has expressed that she is concerned: with Vickie’s time constraints; having to pay for someone to fill in for Vickie, is this a wise use of NLBC’s monies; is there a conflict of interest – when Don LaPlant was on the board, could he vote because he was employed by the school?  The motion was made to accept Vickie as chair on a trial basis.  We will reassess at our December meeting to see how things are going.  Motion: Dave Second: Norm   Opposed: Ellen  Motion carried.  5:33pm
    5. Walk in refrigerator -who owns it: School or Building Company?   As it was purchased through a grant thru the school, does the school required to own it?  If it is attached to the building, it would be ownership of the building.  Currently it is unattached.  Follow up is needed to determine.
    6. Range hood for Student Kitchen – anytime cooking is done, the fire alarm goes off. We will install a hood.  Perhaps this would be a good project for Chuck.
    7. Donna has requested a 200-gallon fish tank to be installed. Logistical concerns are: if there is a fail, would insurance cover it; what would the additional cost to our insurance policy be; can the floor support it; who would do the maintenance of it; what happens during the summer.  The board did not approve.
    8. Facility Manager combine with Custodian?

Todd Utech has resigned and Don LaPlant is done.  There was discussion of having a custodian also do building maintenance and combining the two positions.  Chuck Burse has been hired with a starting wage of $15/hour.  We will see how he does on a few projects this summer (range hood, wall in Chris’ room for Amy’s office) and see if it would work to increase his wage to $20/hour ($15 from school; $5 from building company) for him to also do some Building Administrator roles.  At this point we will not hire a Building Administrator, but see how Chuck would fit into that role.   There was also discussion of hiring 2 students at minimum wage to help Chuck out a few days during the summer. The Building Company would hire the students (job to be posted, interviews conducted, etc.).  The insurance company will need to be contacted to add the students. Mike will discuss with Becky as far as having the students added to payroll.  Mike will also discuss with Chuck.  Motion: Vickie  Second: Norm  Motion carried.  4:38pm

  1. Banking issues: Bank card
    1. Vickie’s card didn’t work at Roadhouse.
    2. We will ask Kelly to be an additional person available to sign checks. Vickie, Kelly, and Amy will need to go to the bank.
  2. Summer repairs
    1. Repairing frisbee golf signs, see 10.b
    2. New basketball hoops in park – Ellen said that the Warba Rec. Department will take care of the hoops.
    3. Building keys replacement, see 10.b
    4. Cameras – see 9
    5. Emergency Action Committee (building company person) – The school has an emergency action committee to deal with planning, fire alarms, etc. A person from the NLBC is needed at the meetings.  Norm volunteered to be the Building Company liaison.
  3. Other
    1. The Building Company had purchased a small table saw that is not safe for students to use. Don LaPlant is willing to buy it from the Building Company.
    2. Until Don LaPlant’s insurance takes over, he will remain an “unpaid employee”.
    3. Greenhouse heater: Floodwood Gas will be contacted to heater in the greenhouse, see 10.b
    4. Building Company will send a letter thanking Todd for his service as NLBC Chair. Dave and Norm will write a letter on behalf of the Board.  An Applebee’s gift card in the amount of $100 will also be purchased.  Motion: Vickie  Second: Ellen   All approve 5:15pm
    5. Dave gave an update on the Boys & Girls Clubs. There is a golf fundraiser on August 10th at Eagle Ridge.  Contact Dave for more information.

Meeting adjourned.  5:37pm

Northern Lights Building Company

Board Meeting Minutes

14 March 2017, 3:15 pm

  1. Call to order by board chair at: 3:20 pm
  2. Pledge of allegiance 3:22pm
  3. Wetland Presentation from Cole Ruff NLCS student: 3:25 to 3:45pm

Cole explain his senior project about restoring a wetland area to become an outdoor classroom for the school. Cole asked for money to buy seeds and rent equipment to work the area.

The board approved $820.00 for Cole Ruff project.

  1. Agenda approval: 3:45pm
  2. December 2016 Minutes approval: Motion Dave Second Ellen   3:48 pm All approved
  3. Finance Report approval: Motion Dave Second Jerry  All approved
    1. Talked about Grant money.
  4. Ensure accuracy in monthly reconciliations Jan-Feb:
  5. Spot Checks completed: Motion Dave Second Ellen   All approved
  6. Approval monthly check register Jan- Feb: Motion Ellen Second Dave   All approve 3:50
  7. Northern Lights Community School status update: ADM 102.5 students Authorizer Audubon- unofficially the school is good to go for the next three years. Motion Vickie Second Dave All approved
  8. Update on Don’s hours:
  9. Hourly Rate for all employees including temps: $15.00 Nate Hassel
  10. New Project(s):
    1. Freezer 8’ by 8’ 7’ tall
      1. School received a grant to purchase a walk in freezer. The freezer must be totally installed by June 1, 2017. Change June 30, 2017 $1,500 for installation.
      2. This will require us to remove the window set from the Kitchen storage and office area, brace up the deck and install the freezer in this space. Motion Jerry Second Norm All approved 5:00 pm
    2. More Kitchen storage:
      1. With Rachel the (Cook) feeding 100 or more students + staff, she is in need of more storage space. 120 people cooking for.
    3. Vickie, Rachel and Todd have discussed putting more storage immediately behind and outside the kitchen wall where the recycling storage is located. This should work if we utilize a ramp going down to ground level.
    4. Chad’s room using part of it to develop a counseling room at one end.
    5. Talked about portable units, 30 by 30 shop building, and more bathrooms.
    6. I Triple RB was discussed to find more grant money.
    7. Use the Blue prints to make some over lay plans for expansion plans for more rooms.
  11. Old Projects / Kootasca grant:
    1. LED lighting
    2. Camera project
    3. Re-application for Al’s Restoration bid
  12. Next year’s budget will be sent out by April 1, 2017 for board members review and input. 5:10pm
  13. Voting Kelly McCauley to the board: Motion Ellen Second Norm All approved
  14. Budget revision for Misc. expenses: Motion Norm Second Ellen All approved $4000.00 Change, plus a $500.00 change for a bank cash card for students that need things. Example: Shoes, haircuts, act.
  15. Tools for Tom: Motion Ellen Second Jerry
  16. Update from Dave on Boys & Girls Club. It is a go for the Grand Rapids Area: May 1st 2017 after school, summer program 10:30 to 5:00pm Grants from the 21st Century and Blandon Grant, Community Fundraiser. Lori Cangas-Olson is the director of the Boys and Girls Club. With the hope of having satellite clubs in Greenway and other areas in of Itasca County.
  17. Master planning between schools and building co. The ideas is to create a plan lay over with different ways to expand the space at the Warba School by adding more buildings and rearranging the space with in the building.
  18. Quarterly meetings scheduled: June 8, September 6, and December 12, 2017
  19. $500.00 bank cash card for students that need things. Example: Shoes, haircuts, act.
  20. Conclusion of meeting Motion Ellen Second Vickie 5:30pm

Todd M Hassell

Board Chair

Ellen gave the board an update about the traffic speed sigh to let the traffic know how fast the traffic is traveling through Warba. The traffic speed sign data will be accessible to the students through a computer.

Northern Lights Building Company

Board Meeting Agenda

13 Dec 2016, 3:15p.m.

  • Call to order by board chair at:
  • Pledge of allegiance:
  • Agenda approval:
  • September 2106 Minutes approval:
  • Introduction of Kelley McCauley.  Kelley was invited here for information about our organization to see if it would fit into his newly retired schedule.  It is also a time for us to ask questions of Kelley to ensure he would be a great fit for us as well.
  • Finance Report approval(s):
  1. Ensure accuracy in monthly reconciliations Jul-Oct
  2. Approval monthly check register Jul-Nov
  3. Approval of current billing statements:
    1. Northern Air Plumbing and Heating
    2. Anderson Glass
  • Payroll for Don Jul-Nov
  1. Approval of Amy’s hours
    1. Current hours
    2. Future monthly hours
  • Contractor??
  1. PTO, Holiday, Sick pay?
  • Spot Checks completed:
  • Results of annual audit:
  • New computer purchase and updated Quick Books (QB for future reference) program:
  • Financial Administrator: With Amy Chung on as our new Financial Administrator this eliminates the findings on the audit which state “due to the size of the corporation, there is no separation of duties” referring to one person handling all financial responsibilities. Here is a breakdown of responsibilities and or duties:
  1. Don Laplant will continue to make deposits and will request Purchase Orders (P.O.’s) using QB
  2. Amy Chung will process all P.O.’s, invoices for lease aid, record deposits, process requests for payment and checks
  3. Ellen, Todd or Vicki are authorized to sign checks. They ensure checks are for appropriate amounts per invoices prior to signing checks and take turns completing monthly reconciliations.
  4. The remainder of the board will assist Jerry, the Financial Director in spot
  5. checking items such as insuring payments are not late, P.O.’s are signed          by both requester and authorizer, reconciliations are completed in a timely and accurate manner.  Ensure no abuse or misappropriation of funds.
  • Implementation of the new QB program:  In addition to the above-mentioned items, the program will print the checks and it will show up automatically on the check register saving time and money.  We need a motion to order printer capable checks and what security type do we want to use?
  • Debit cards: Our debit card came up missing, how we have no idea.  However, it was cancelled by Shazam on the 16th of Nov.  Don, Vickie and myself are the primary users of the debit card to purchase approved on the spot items.  I recommend we authorize Don and Vickie to have individual debit cards which will have the corporation name and their individual name on them so vendors must check identification when using them. I would carry the primary card which just has the corporation name posted.  This would prevent another card from being misplaced while waiting to be issued between users..  This must be a approved motion to complete this task.
  • Update on the following:
  1. LED Lighting
  2. GEO-Thermal heater
  3. Kootaska Grant
  4. IRRRB Grants
  • Dave would like to update us on the Boys and Girls club of Grand Rapids.
  • Board\Grant subcommittee for controlling Kootaska grant: Ellen and Norm to develop (from Sept meeting)
  • Directors Strategy: Please fill out individual director strategy questionnaire, (these questionnaires are going to the school board as well).
  • New quarterly meeting dates for the new year will be (Mar ), (Jun   ), (Sep   ), ( Dec 12th)
  • Meeting Adjourned at

Norther Lights Building Company

Board Meeting Minutes

Agenda for the September 6, 2016


  1. Pledge of Allegiance 3:30 pm
  2. Approval of the agenda 3:37 pm
  3. Approval of the minutes from 3/8/16, 6/14/16, and 8/1/16

Motion: Norm Second: Dave

  1. Approval of the financial report

Cost breakdown of the expansion

Motion: Dave Second Norm 3:45 pm

  1. Introduction of the new school director

Mike Hammernick. Mike told the board that the school was full with 106 students and a waiting list.

  1. IIIRB- Art Norton came to the board meeting to tell us that he has had a few conversation with IIIRB about receiving grant money to add to our grant money. The way Art explained it to us was “the grant is dealing with infrastructure of classrooms in Minnesota in New Country School.” I believe this was the name of the program. Art will continues to speak with IIIRB and see if we can get a grant from them. The board told Art that one third of Northern Lights Community School is from the Hibbing area. That the school greenhouse was built by two students from Hibbing MN. This is important because the money would benefit students from the iron range.

It was discussed that Art peruse IIIRB for grant money to add to the Northern Lights Building Company Projects to improve the education and safety of our student body.

Motion: Todd Second: Norm

  1. Kootaska Items
  • Total Monies: $300,000 Kootaska, Nonprofit loan $100,000, $50,000 NLBC
  • Bids (Don) Waiting on bids for the electrical. For new LED lighting through out the school. 4:20pm
  • Code review (Don) Norm was going to get back to Todd about Fire Code for the school and the basement exits. 4:30pm
  • Fair wages for the projects that are going to be done on the building. It is part of the grant requirements.
  • Project list for the building. Todd has a list the grant will be working off. He can send any one a copy. It is not set in stone things change do to other requirements that might come with the grant.
  • New shop for class projects. This was revised again and if there is more grant money available then the building company would like to pursue the option for the shop.
  • Sub Committee to control Kootaska Budget. Norm and Ellen develop a Grant over Sight committee. This was talked about. It was tabled to talk about later.
  • It was decided to ask Amy Chung if she wanted the job to keep track of the budget for the grant along with some of the building company finances through the grant process for the next year or two depending how long the grant lasted. It was decided to offer Amy $15.00 per hour for this job. The job could be 5 hours a week or it could be more depending on what was going on at the school in regards to the grant. 3:44pm

Mention: Dave Second: Todd

  1. Review of summer projects: Talked about the floors the finish was not holding up to the chairs in the classroom. Don had called John Smith he came out and will fix them on one of the school breaks. The ceiling in the furnace room had been insulated but was not fire retardant treated that was going to be done as asp. The stage floor was also done. A curtain was order for the stage. The curtain was to be put up this fall.
  2. Insurance Review: Todd and Vickie will go over the insurance with the school and report back to the Building board.
  3. Lease contract: The Building Company has rented out the school to a church for Sunday services at a price of $700.00 per month. They will use the atrium, hallway and splatter room. They will also use the folding chairs in the atrium. They will set up and take down each Sunday. 4:44pm

Motion: Todd Second: Dave

  1. Audit check Sept 15, 2016 Fort and Company of Hibbing.
  2. Norm is switching with Jerry for the finance committee.

Jerry is the new finance director per strong encouragement from non-profits.

Motion: Vickie Second: Ellen

  1. Shirts/business cards/phone: It was decided it would be a good idea to have. Google number app for the phone. 4:55pm

Motion: Todd Second: Dave

  1. Christmas Dinner with school board: Prim Rib for dinner. Rachel the school cook will cook for us.

Motion: Norm Second: Branden

  1. Adjournment: Motion: Ellen Second: Dave

Next board meeting is: Dec 13th in conjunction with the school.

Northern Lights Building Company

Board meeting Agenda

March 8th 2016 at 15:15 hours

Meeting called to order: 15:20   hours

  1. Pledge of allegiance:   Spoken by all present
  2. Directors roll call:             Todd      XX

Dave                           Norm   XX           Ellen     XX                  Vicky            XX

Jerry    XX                Brandon   XX

Non Voting Member(s): Don L.            XX

  1. Approval of agenda:    Questions/comments

Todd pleaded to add to the agenda the revisiting of paying Heartland Business Systems additional monies to share the over budget costs to install the internet.

Motioned by    Ellen               seconded by Norm                                                   All in favor, none opposed

  1. Approval of minutes:                                                             No questions/comments

Motioned by   Norm              seconded by Jerry

All in favor, none opposed

  1. Approval of the Finance Report:                                         Questions/comments: Jerry asked about the minimum balance of $25,000.00. Todd spoke of our bill will NLCS for the internet upgrade which was being paid at a cost of $2,500.00 per month. He continued with since that bill is paid off; our balance will get back up and should even become greater.

Motioned by   Jerry                seconded by Norm                                                      All in favor, none opposed

  1. School Directors Report: No questions/comments:              Nick indicated the school has a waiting list for both middle and high school positions. He continued with approximately 85% of students have completed paperwork to return and the rest he projected would be graduating. Also continued with the MDE finance award, reading and math improvements were both over the projected 54% growth rate. Mr. Greenberg from Audubon will be visiting next week for a few days. He also discussed where the director search committee was at with that process. Way to go Nick and staff. We as a board thanked Nick for all he has done to bring the school up to a new great standard. We wish you and your family the best in your future endeavors!                                                       Motioned by   Vicki                seconded by Norm

All in favor, none opposed

  1. Audit:                                                                                     Questions/comments:

We need a motion to continue using Fort and Co. as our auditor. I highly recommend we continue using Fort and Co., they have worked with us in the past on reissuing documents as needed and continue to give us an in depth look into what we need to improve on. Our only loan holder, MN Nonprofits Assistance Fund does not care who we use. Jerry asked why this was on the agenda in which Todd replied that we need a motion or this so it wasn’t just the board chair making the decision to utilize them.                                    Motioned by Jerry                          seconded by Ellen                                                                             All in favor, none opposed

  1. New Hood and Convection ovens: No questions/comments:

NLCS applied for one or two grants for the kitchen equipment which they are awaiting to see if they will be granted them. In the interim we may have to provide funding for the hood so as we can get it installed in a timely manner.                                                                         Motioned by Jerry                   seconded by Norm

All in favor, none opposed

  1. Reconstruction project: No questions/comments:
  2. Norm has asked Kevin Piron from Architectural Resources Inc (ARI) here today so we can discuss what we know regarding our reconstruction project with KOOTASKA and maybe they can help us get there. (ARI will give us a bid for us to review for approval.)
  1. Here is what we know as far as projects which we believe need to get done(see attached list)
  1. Blandin and IRRRB grants:

We need a motion to approve spending monies to hire a professional grant writer for these two grants. Vicki and I took a stab at it however; it has been highly recommended we spend a little money in hopes to get a lot of money. (The board has agreed to spend up to $2,000.00 to hire a grant writer for both IRRRB and Blandin.

Motioned by Norm               seconded by Jerry

All in favor, none opposed

  1. Budget:  In line item# 17 we have given the school a lump sum that we can just issue monies out of. Vicki is the only person interested in completing the 1st responder training course. Todd would like to attend this course. We need a motion to allow Todd to take the training course; this is to head off any abuse of position or conflict of interest.                                                Motioned by    Ellen                seconded by Norm

All in favor, none opposed

  1. GEO-Thermal      Vicki has sent out a letter to A & A Plumbing requesting they spent time investigating why the system keeps going out and is awaiting a response from them.                                                          Motioned by    Norm               seconded by          Vicki

All in favor, none opposed

  1. ADDITIONS to agenda:

Heartland Business Systems:

The board agreed at the August 27th, 2015 board meeting when the internet loan from NLCS was paid off we would re-evaluate paying Heartland Business Systems all or some of the cost over-run of $13,000.00.

Motioned by                            seconded by

Even though this was added to the agenda, with ARI coming in and having a discussion with us, this somehow was skipped so it will be added to the agenda of the next board meeting scheduled for Jun 15th, 2016.

  1. Future board dates:
  2. a) March 8th
  3. b) June 15th
  4. c) September 6th
  5. d) December 13th

Certified true copy                                                       Certified true copy

Victoria W. Kepler                                                         Todd M. Hassell

Administrative Director                                               Board Chair


December 15, 2015 NLBC Board Meeting Minutes


Northern Lights Building Company

Board meeting Agenda

December 15th 2015 at 15:15 hours

1. Meeting called to order: 15:15 hours

2. Pledge of allegiance: Spoken by all present

3. Directors roll call: XX Todd

Dave XX Norm XX Brandon XX Vicky

Jerry XX Ellen Non Voting Member(s): XX Don L.

4. Approval of agenda: No questions/comments

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Vicki

5. Approval of minutes: No questions/comments

Motioned by Norm seconded by Todd

All in favor, none opposed

6. Approval of the Finance Report: No questions/comments

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Vicki

All in favor, none opposed

7. School Directors Report: Nick is currently attending the school board meeting and will not be attending our meeting however; his director’s report is in your meeting packet. Motioned by Ellen seconded by Norm

Discussion took place on why Nick is leaving and what the timeline is to search for a new director. Recommendations were made that affect the school for this and not the building company.

All in favor, none opposed

8. Vacant board position: I Todd as board chair, nominate Mr. Brandon Torgerson to fill the position vacated by the death of Rodney Lentz. This nomination (if voted in) will be for the remainder of the term which ends September 2017. I have invited Mr. Thompson as well as his spouse, here for you to ask questions.

Motioned by Todd seconded by Norm Questions were asked of Mr. Torgerson, such as past history, current prospects and what he could bring to assistance the board. Mr. Torgerson will fill the position until Sep 2017

Motion passed by unanimous vote, none opposed

9. Audit: a. We have requested Fort & Co. revise our audit to pick up an additional $22,000.00 in building improvements which was found by the school’s auditors. Since the two audits need to match, the school asked us for a revision. This should not be more than the original audit which the school agreed to pay for.

Motion by Ellen seconded by Brandon

Discussion had taken place between school director, I (Vicki) and Todd which directly asked us to have the audit redone to match what the school’s auditor’s findings. The internet was not supposed to start until July and the auditors found work actually started in June. This boards’ opinion is to hold the school accountable for this bill. However, at this time this item will be tabled by us to wait for a reply from the school board.

All in favor, none opposed

b. We need a motion to except the audit as reissued by Fort & Co.

Motioned by Vickie seconded by Todd

All in favor, none opposed

10. March board minutes: We need a motion to add to the march 2015 minutes the $2,000.00 grant towards Henry’s specialized technical tools. It was erroneously left off. Motioned by Norm seconded by Todd All in favor, none opposed

11. Budget: Everyone was sent a copy of the proposed 2015-2016 budget. I believe the school is in need of at least one more 1st responder. Karen and Benita are certified however we have no one upstairs in case of emergency upstairs. Donna and Susanne take students on field trips without any emergency training which could lead to issues if something were to happen. Motioned by Todd seconded by Ellen Discussion with the use of a budget took place. Some did not know that you can change amounts used by a line item by voting to move monies from another line item. The monies for medical training will be moved under the miscellaneous line #17. All in favor, none opposed

12. New NLBC policies: In your meeting packets you have 4 policy letters which we need to approve to assist in our doing day to day business or that will help us ensure smoother audits etcetera. 1) Stock materials 2) Quality assurance program 3) Property capitalization 4) Purchase order documentation

13. New NLBC Policies (Cont’)

These policies were not adopted by the board. Items will be looked at during future board meetings. We will be adjusting the budget as necessary, looking at P.O’s and ensuring compliance and spot checking the backup documentation to ensure accountability. Hopefully this will reduce the audit report. All in favor, none opposed

14. Steam table, mixer and new hood:

We purchased the steam tale and mixer for the school at a cost of $1200.00 combined. The school is in using these items and would like to trade them in towards the cost of the new oven. The state health inspector dictated during his semi-annual health inspection, the requirement for another ventilation system installed over the convection oven before Cari be allowed to utilize the oven for cooking. (Originally it was designated the convection oven be used for keeping food warm, not cooking the food). Utilizing the current vent above the oven, the cost should not be a huge amount however; the school has requested this be completed before the schools’ tri-annual food inspection to be done in the March time frame. Motion by Vickie seconded by Todd

They (the the school) will purchase a 5 drawer oven for the kitchen. It will be Donnie’s job to contract for the stainless hood and have it installed by the time of the food audit. All in favor, none opposed

15. Book monies: The Title One program at NLCS has requested a grant of $500.00 for new books. (In your meeting packet you have a copy of the request). Title One manager has approached the school director with the funding request which was denied due to budget constraints?? Motioned by Norm seconded by Brandon This was raised to $1000.00 to come out of line item #18 All in favor, none opposed

16. KooItasca:

KooItasca program has passed the first hurdle and we are waiting for confirmation on phase two funding. Since we have limited resources on hand, we need to apply for additional funding through MN nonprofits. Todd will be in charge of this and has this boards’ approval to seek funding for up to and not to exceed $45,000.00.

Motioned by Vicki seconded by Ellen All in favor, none opposed

17. Changing Director positions:

Issues are arising which dictate we should have personnel in different director positions, such as I don’t believe Dave really wants to be held down to taking meeting notes, typing them up for approval when he is out of country etcetera. Here are the positions I would like to change with board and personnel approval. It is not due to anyone not doing their job, this is to streamline how things are done.

Personnel Current position changed to position

1) Dave Hagman Secretary Maintenance Director

2) Vicki Kepler Maintenance Director Secretary(Administrative Director)

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Norm All in favor, none opposed

18. GEO-Thermal

Again, the geo-thermal heat went out. Vicki(I) called Northern Air to come check it out and they quoted it as the mother board was out. Instead of having them replace it and have the school pay labor, I(VickI) had Don contact A&A Plumbing whom we still have it warranted thru and they say there is nothing wrong with it. If they send the board in and there is nothing wrong with the board then we have to pay both labor and parts.

We the board, have had enough with this. It is time we send them a letter stating the dissatisfaction with this system and demand full cooperation on:

1) Finding out why the mother boards keep going out

2) What they are going to do to fix it.

3) If they are not going fix it or check it out then we need to demand full recovery of our investment.

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Todd It will be my job,(Victoria) to write a letter to A&A plumbing regarding the dissatisfaction with the Geo-Thermal unit. How can one company come out and say the mother board is bad and the next company come out and say there is nothing wrong with it unless there is a intermittent problem with it. They need to invest the time to find out what the problem is to our satisfaction All in favor, none opposed

The next two items were tabled from Oct until this meeting:

19. Changing Northern Lights Building Company name:

It has been recommended we change our name. These are some examples we could use:

19. Changing Northern Lights Building Company name (Con’t)

Motioned by seconded

There is no motion to this item as it is a dead issue, our audits will always fall under the school as long as 5 of the 7 audits criteria are met (the auditors during their audit figure this out). It is also recommended that we research into purchasing the property to the south of the school to allow the school to continue positive environmental studies such as eco systems and nature trails. All in favor, none opposed

20. Pay raise for Don LaPlant:

There was a last minute change to the agenda last meeting to put Don in for a pay increase. This was put off until this board meeting.

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Brandon It has been recommended that Don receive a pay raise for the great work he has done and continues to due. He is meticulous, careful, very caring and when called upon teaches the young men and ladies how to start and complete woodworking with precision. We know that he will continue to keep this continue to grow in the knowledge of his position. It is recommended he attend more computer classes to further his knowledge. His current rate of pay is at $27.50 and will increase to $30.00 effective 1 January 2016. All in favor, none opposed

21. Future board dates:

a) March 8th

b) June 15th

c) September 6th

d) December 13th

Certified true copy Certified true copy Victoria W. Kepler Todd M. Hassell Administrative Director Board Chair

P5 of 5

October 20th, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Northern Lights Building Company

Board meeting Agenda

Oct 20th, 2015, at 15:15 hours

1. Call to Order: 15:25 hours by board chair

2. Pledge of Allegiance: Completed

3. Directors roll call:

Todd xx Dave xx Norm xx Rodney Vicki xx

Jerry Ellen xx

Non Voting Members:

Don L. xx Nick

4. Approval of agenda:

Motioned by Ellen, seconded by Vicki All in favor, none opposed.

5. Approval minutes:

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Norm. All in favor, none opposed.

6. Approval of Financial report:

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Dave. All in favor, none opposed.

7. Audit: Currently the audit is being conducted, and so far there are no findings and should be completed the beginning of week 4 in October (26th).

No action required informational only

8. New charter school: We need to have a conversation now regarding the new school possibility. Josie will brief the board on the topic.

No action required, informational only

9. School Directors’ report: Seats filled, ADM, financial update etc. Nick has a school board meeting and will not be available. A separate report is provided.

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Norm All in favor none opposed.

10. Budget: We need to break down our expenditures and work up, attempt a budget.

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Ellen All in favor, none opposed.

11. Rescind board minutes of March 18th, 2015, item 7, voting Nick on as a non-voting member:

Motioned by Ellen, seconded by Vicki. All in favor, non opposed.

12. Update on the internet financing:

A. Currently with our balance at $9301.40, we can afford to pay off the Lease Deferring Agreement with Northern Lights Community School. We not pay this off early, we will pay it on the scheduled agreement

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Norm. All in favor, none opposed.

B. I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to get the cameras and key fob door readers installed over Christmas break. We believe some student in possession of keys without authorization. With the exception of two internal cameras in the basement and on the main floor, cost of this should only be $5-8,000.00. The cameras were not part of the original bid. This will be revisited in Jan 2016 meeting.

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Vicki. All in favor, none opposed.

C. For installation of the new system Henry was given a stipend of $2000.00 which was to cover approximately 80 hours at $25.00 per hour. His time sheet received from Becky indicates the total hours worked was 217 hours. It was our project to get this installed and would only be fair to compensate Henry especially if we want him for future projects. We agree to pay Henry $2400.00 for his services.

Motioned by Norm, seconded by Dave. All in favor, none opposed.

13. Kootaska funding: Kootaska has monies to loan us and city for improving the looks of Warba. The city of Warba has approved their portion of this and is waiting for our response to the city residents. We agree to apply for this grant for any monies available.

Motioned by Norm, seconded by Ellen All in favor, none opposed.

14. Building company strategic planning seminar: Planned for Oct 20th, 2015 at 15:15 hours will be rescheduled for another time, when? Nick has agreed to present this seminar and it should only take an hour. No action required, informational only

15. Rodney’s board position: With Rodney’s health getting worse by the day, we need to find a replacement to fill his position. We have agreed that the next person to fill a vacancy on our board need to live in Warba.

Motioned by Ellen seconded by Norm All in favor, none opposed.

16. IRRRB funding: IRRRB has grant monies available for building company (school) projects such as tuck pointing, energy improvement projects, etc. Tom Anzelc says there is a budget of approximately $16 million for grants assisting schools. This is a one for one matchup to $250,000.00. Expect this grant to be submitted by the end of the year and the board will come up with the list of items requiring attention which would be a good fit for this grant.

Motioned by: Seconded by: DELETE THIS ITEM FROM THE AGENDA

17. Changing Northern Lights Building Company name:

We have been told that if we change our name to eliminate “Building Company” this will greatly reduce the need for mandatory audits:

a. Northern Light Land Association

b. Warba Land Association

c. Warba Land Consortium

d. Warba Area?????

This is tabled until December 15th board meeting.

18. With the new name we need to change Article I of our constitution and Article I, section 1 of our bylaws to read the new name:

This is also tabled until December 15th board meeting.

19. Future board meeting and dinner: The next meeting is Dec 15th at 4:30 p.m. at the school. What kind of menu and we need to set an amount to be spent:

Menu will consist of some sort of Chicken, veggies, bread and dessert.

Amount to be spent will be $20.00 per plate

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Norm. All in favor, none opposed.

20. Assisting in the financing of Susan’s advisories “Global Citizens Network” trip to Washington state:

This is a serious topic that has to be revisited due to the nature of it. If we give Susan any amount for their trip, it will only be fair to give all the other groups the same amount of money.

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Ellen. All in favor, none opposed.

21. Next year’s meeting dates:

a. March 8

b. Jun 14

c. Sep 6

d. Dec 13

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Vicki. All in favor, none opposed.

22. Last minute change to agenda is a motion to give Don LaPlant a raise in pay by Todd:

This is tabled until Dec 15th meeting

Motioned by Todd, seconded by Dave. All in favor, none opposed.

22. Meeting Adjournment: 17:15 hrs

Motioned by Norm, seconded by Ellen. All in favor, none opposed.

Recorded by Vicki Kepler

Certified true and correct:

Todd M. Hassell

Board Chair

Aug. 27, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Northern Lights Building Company

Board meeting Agenda

August 27th, 2015, at 15:15 hours

1. Call meeting to order: 15:15 hrs

2. Pledge of allegiance: Spoken

3. Directors roll call: Todd XX

Dave XX Norm Rodney XX Vicky XX

Jerry XX Ellen XX Non Voting Member(s): Don L. XX

Nick XX

4. Approval of agenda: Changes to the agenda are: (21) Assisting in the financing of Susanne’s’ advisories “Global Citizen’s Network” trip to Washington state. (22) IRRRB funding for building company projects such as tuck pointing, energy improvement projects etc. (23) Building Company Strategic Planning Seminar.

Motioned by Rodney, seconded by Vicki All in favor, none apposed

5. Approval of minutes: Motioned By Vicki, seconded By Jerry all in favor, nine apposed

6. Approval of the Finance Report: Motioned By Ellen, seconded By Vicki all in favor, none apposed

7. School Directors Report: Seats filled, ADM, financial update, etc:

Motioned by Jerry, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed

8. Update on the internet financing: There will be no changes to the financing of the internet for the amount of $28,801.40. Once this is paid off, we, the building company will re-evaluate paying Northland Business Systems all, some or part of the over-run of $13,000.00 and will discuss the timeframe to add cameras, and key entry systems to the internet system.

Motioned By Vicki, seconded By Rodney all in favor, none apposed

9. Tech update:

All computers are connected directly to the main server without any daisy chaining.

Unified system with all wireless (16 locations) now work in conjunction with each other.

Aside from the funding from Blandin, NLCS was able to update the server from a 2003 to 2008 model.

Thus far all stress tests to the system have proven to be successful without any setbacks.

The new infrastructure will allow NLCS to down the road install keyless entry and camera to all the entries from outside.

With added confidence in the technology infrastructure, advisors and teachers are planning more projects using technology.

With the added access due to the new infrastructure, all NLCS students will be allowed to now use a web based math program.

The next major stress test will be when all students arrive with all of their outside devices.

Motioned by Vicki, seconded by Rodney all in favor, none apposed

10. Audit versus Compilation:

The fact that no one is sure why we have to complete an audit other than the school receiving a black mark on their audit, it is recommended we complete an audit this year and find out how to make it known we are not affiliated with the school. Let us go ahead with an audit this year with the understanding we will correct the issue where everyone understands we are not affiliated with the school so another audit will not have to be done saving time and monies. It is also understood the audit will not cost us anything, but the form 990 will be approximately $1500.00, the costs sort of washes out. Todd, Don and Vicki will work closely with the auditors to correct this.

Motioned by Jerry, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed

11. GEO-Thermal Warranty: It has been determined from now one when there is an issue with the geo-thermal system we will call directly for dean not his assistant to diagnose the issue. The geo-thermal system is warranted for ten years. The main circuit board which seems to be most of the issue is $3500.00. It has been determined we and A&A plumbing will not keep one in stock due to the cost for us and for A&A plumbing there are so many systems it does not make sense. The heat in the atrium will be placed at 65-68 degrees so it will not be trying to heat the gymnasium. This should take care of any heating/cooling issues. Don Vidal mentions it gets super hot in the afternoon; Don L. will diagnose the air exchanger to see why it only comes on at 28 degrees.

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed

12. Snow plow: Don is keeping an eye out for a snow plow, if one is found to be an excellent deal we will purchase it to do our own plowing.

Motioned by Rodney, seconded by Ellen all in favor, none apposed

13. Summer projects completed: Any time we install new LED lighting or other items which are energy efficient we are given a energy saving check through the electric company, Todd strongly urges us to put that money rite back into purchasing more lighting or other energy efficient items instead of using it for other miscellaneous items. Motioned by Ellen, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed

Karens’ room: Countertops, New cabinetry

Stairs: Filled, Sealed & Painted

Susans’ room: Made walls, new door

Basement ceiling: Tore down cement ceiling, LED lighting

14. This is the priority list:

15. Tuck pointing

16. LED lighting

17. Infrared switches

18. Building Company Strategic Planning Seminar: Planned for Oct 20th 2015 at 15:15 hours. Nick will present this seminar and it should not last more than an hour.

Motioned by Rodney, seconded by Vicki all in favor, non apposed

19. Future board meeting date: The next board meeting will be Oct 20th at 15:15 hrs at the school. This will replace the Sept 23rd board meeting already planned. Dec board meeting will remain the same.

Motioned By Rodney, seconded By Vicki all in favor, none apposed

20. Assisting the financing of Susanne’s’ advisories “Global Citizen’s Network” trip to Washington state:

It will be Susanne’s responsibility to set an amount students need to contribute towards the trip for the students who wish to attend. There will be student accountability towards their portion of the trip. After all fundraising and contributions are totaled, we will assist in financing the remainder of the trip. We will not finance the total remaining amount as it stands now at $4,128.00. An amount of $500.00 will be set aside for this purpose.

Motioned by Dave, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed

21. IRRRB funding:

IRRRB has grant monies available for building company (school) projects such as tuck pointing, energy improvement projects etc. Tom Anzelc and say there is a budget of approximately $16 million dollars for grants assisting schools for infrastructure needs such as tuck pointing, a standalone wind turbine to power the greenhouse, etc. This is a one (1) for one (1) dollar match up to $250,000.00. Expect this grant to be submitted by the end of the year and the board will come up with a list of items requiring attention which would be a good fit for this grant.

Motion by Todd, seconded by Vicki all in favor, none apposed.

22. Meeting Adjournment:

15:00 hrs motioned by Rodney, seconded by Ellen all in favor, none apposed

Upcoming board meetings:

Oct 20th, 15:15 hrs

Dec 15th, 16:00 chrs (Combined with school board)

June 24th, 2015 Board Meeting

Due to the lack of a quorum the June 24th board meeting is postponed until the next quarter meeting in September.

NLBC Board Meeting Minutes March 18, 2015

Northern Lights Building Company

Board meeting agenda

March 18th2015 at 15:30 hours

1. Call meeting to order by board chair, 1315 hrs

2. Pledge of allegiance

3. Directors roll call Todd XX

Dave Norm Rodney XX Vicky XX

Jerry XX Ellen XX Non Voting Member: Don XX

Guests: Nick XX

4. Approval of agenda: Change the duplicate building insurance with Rodney Motioned, Ellen Seconded

All in Favor None Apposed

5. Approval of minutes: Ellen Motioned, Rodney Seconded

All in Favor None Apposed

6. Funding request from Henry for specialized tools: $2000.00

Jerry Motioned, Vicki Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

7. Approval of the Finance Report: Jerry Motioned, Ellen Seconded

All in Favor None Apposed

8. Vote Nick in as a Non Voting member to our board: Jerry Motioned, Ellen Seconded

All in favor Non Apposed

9. School Directors Report: Seats filled, ADM, financial update, etc; Rodney motioned Todd Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

10. Current update on the internal internet situation:

The total cost to update the internal network is bid at $63,800.00 and some odd change. We as the building company will pay for the updated internet cabling, hardware. Jerry motioned, Ellen Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

11. Lease Aid: Everyone present needs to fill out conflict of interest forms, those not present will be sent via email those forms to be filled out and returned. Todd Motioned Jerry Seconded All in favor None Apposed

12. Results of Fire Marshall’s re-inspection: All passed: Vicki Motioned, Ellen Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

13. Building Insurance: We will pay the building replacement cost portion of the insurance. Vicki Motioned, Todd Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

14. GEO Thermal warranty: Jerry stepped forward to discuss with A&A Plumbing the need to extend the warranty on our GEO-Thermal system. Vicki Motioned, Ellen Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

15. Summer Projects wish list: With the exception of Karen’s’ countertops and Suzanne’s’ wall, all projects are on hold until further notice Todd Motioned, Ellen Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

16. Rodney’s custodial position; should it become a building company position or keep it a school position? What about the idea of sharing the custodian, could we then use that person to assist in our summer projects? Rodney’s’ position will remain totally in the hands of the school. Vicki Motioned, Todd Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

17. Snow plowing: do we purchase the school’s Yukon which can be used only by adult anyway, invest in a plow and plow the property ourselves? This means we can plow any time such as when it gets super slushy in the spring etc. What about lawn care? The building company will search for a snow plow..

Vicki Motioned, Ellen Seconded All in Favor None Apposed

18. Funding Request from Don Vidal for replacement/repair of band instruments: $8,000.00 Rodney Motioned, Ellen Seconded All apposed None in Favor

This needs to be rejected and sent to the school board for approval first, if they cannot support this request then Don can bring it back up for reconsideration.

19. Revise the priority list: (The garage is removed from the list until further notice?)

A. Internal internet wiring

B. Garage

C. LED lighting

D. infrared switches

E. Additional solar array

F. Tuck pointing

G. Fix/replace front stairs

H. Green roof

20. Something to dream about…..a green roof.

Currently green roofs are expensive however; the federal government is kicking back 20% of the installation cost. Heating and cooling the building will be significantly reduced. In fact, the payback on this is faster and greater than installing more solar arrays or installing LED lamps with infrared sensors.

It would show Audubon our (the building company and the school), commitment to being green is more than just basics.

22. Dates for the remainder of this year’ meetings.

Jun 24th

           Sep 23nd

Dec 15th (Combined with school board)