Student Book Reviews

Floors Trilogy

How would you like to read a series about 2 boys that live and work at a crazy hotel? The Whippet Hotel is filled with mysterious, wacky inventions and each floor has a different theme and adventure. Imagine a floor filled with a giant pinball machine, or a floor of zombies, or a duck sanctuary on the roof of a hotel. Imagine an elevator used only for ducks, and secret passages only accessable by keycards. Merganzer D Whippet is the owner of the Whippet Hotel, and he is a mysterious, duck loving genius who loves to make mind boggling inventions and send people on crazy adventures.

Leo is a young teenager who lives in the basement of the Whippet Hotel with his dad, the hotel maintenance man. Leo is smart and has access to unknown floors and secret passages. Leo’s biggest enemy is Ms Sparks, the Whippet manager with her funky Marge Simpson hair. She wants to get rid of Leo and his father from the Whippet, and take over the entire Whippet empire from Merganzer D Whippet. In each book, Merganzer gives Leo special tasks and missions, and each time he comes face to face with obstacles placed by Ms Sparks and her henchmen.

We like this book because it is wacky and can hold your interest well. There is always something new and unexpected. Each book has a different theme and different missions, it reminds us of video games. They make adventure sound fun and makes you use your imagination. The books continue to use familiar characters, as well as introduce new characters and plots. If you like the Skeleton Creek series, you will also like the Floor series!

-Tyler Wirth

-Collin Noll

-Willy Foust