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Project Foundry is an online project based learning (PBL) management system that allows students to design projects, keep track of deadlines and communicate with advisors and their parents what they have been working on throughout the day. Project Foundry is used by PBL schools throughout the country. Designed and built by practitioners who understand the project process, NLCS students can more easily keep on top of what academic requirements they must complete, how much credit they’ve earned, and access their transcripts, graduation standards, and projects.

Any given day, an NLCS student will use Project Foundry to:

  • Develop a project proposal for a new project.
  • Explain what she/he worked on through the day by logging about what he/she completed in a specific project.
  • Write a journal entry to his/her advisor
  • Examine what graduation standards still need to be completed.

Advisors, students, and even parents can have Project Foundry accounts to track progress! Email Nick at to request a parent account. Please include your first and last name, your email address, and your student’s first and last name. Basically, students use Project Foundry to log at least hours every day, every week, and every year to stay on track. These hours turn into credits when students finalize projects or finish seminars with a passing grade.

Check out for more information on Project Foundry.

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