2018 Board Minutes

        NLCS Board Meeting February 20, 2018

3:30 PM at NLCS

 Present: Karen Fleming, Shannon Zozgornik, Matt Alleva, Josie Pitts, Art Norton, Don Vidal, Mike Hammernick

Not present: Vicki Martin

 Call to order: Josie Pitts motioned, second by Don Vidal, approved

  1. Mission Statement – read by Matt Alleva
  2. Approval of Consent Agenda* Josie Pitts motioned, Shannon Zozgornik seconded, approved
    1. Approval of Minutes*
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. 502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student’s Person
    4. 514 Bullying Prohibition Policy
    5. Directors Report
  3. Lee Matson Update – We called Lee but no answer. Josie gave an update. There were some line item adjustments that will be on the agenda for the next meeting. We are concerned about Lee not being able to update. Finance committee will check into Lee’s situation.
  4. Donna Projects & Grant Approvals – Donna Hanson and Trent Nygard presented the projects in her advisory: Trout in the Classroom, Climate Change Convening, Aqua-Ponics, and One Crisis Away. Donna gave a mini presentation about each of these projects.
    1. Laser engraver – Trent presented this as his senior project. At his other school he learned how to run the engraver. He would like to use this as his senior project. This will also cut things out of wood, cork material, and other things. The cost is $25,000.00. He is working on getting funding for this project. Students can learn math and design skills. It could be used for Geometry class. He would like to teach others how to use it. It could be used for fundraising and plaques. He conducted a survey of students today to see interest. Students were pretty interested in having this here. It would be a mobile unit that does not need an air exchanger. There are a lot of safety features built in. He has looked at several models to decide which one will work best for our program. He talked with the shop teacher at Hibbing High School as an expert. He also talked with others who have used and/or sell this machine. It comes with a laptop for the programing that uses Corel Draw. He presented a video that shows the potential. He has Henry, Donna, and Tom willing to learn to use it. He has had a hard time getting funding because we are a small school. Companies want us to have a licensed shop teacher. They are still in conversation with funders to try to get a grant for this. The board discussed the need for a grant application process for these larger grants for projects.
    2. Ilsababy – this is a company that might be willing to fund this project. Donna and Trent are talking with them. It is tabled for further information but the interest is there.
    3. Iron Range CSI – this is an organization they are approaching for grants for these projects.
  5. Data practices training – Josie attended this training. She has all of the training materials to train the rest of the board. The training was through MDE and is required for our board. The training needs about 1 ½ hours for this. We will set aside a day after school. Josie will send possible dates out to the board.
  6. American Indian Parent Advisory Committee – Mike presented this. This is something that needs to be approved. This is Minnesota Statute, Section 124D.78. Motion by Josie Pitts, seconded by Don Vidal, approved.
  7. Calendar 2018 2019 – The board looked over the calendar for next year. Josie Pitts motioned to approve, Shannon Zozgornik seconded, approved.
  8. Form 990 – Charitable Organization Annual Report Form. This is the IRS form stating we are a non-profit organization. It is the form we use to report to the IRS of our donations we received for the year. Don Vidal motioned to approve, Art Norton seconded, approved. We reported $32,671.00 for last year.
  9. Audit Contract Next Year – Wipfli would like us to approve our contract with them for next year. We feel the price is a little high. The board chose to bid this out and see what responses we get. The finance committee will look into this.
  10. NWEA Fall to Winter Results – Mike presented these results. We just finished our winter testing. We met some of the goals and others we have work to do still. We won’t have the final until the Spring results.
  11. RCd Finance Award – We have received the finance award from MDE again this year.
  12. Lease Check for Maintenance Responsibilities – This is in regards to the new security cameras. We are responsible to pay for the maintenance of this system.
  13. Strategic Planning Update
    1. ACNW Academic Goal Indicator 2 Mission Related Outcomes – Nothing to report at this time.
  14. Substitute Pay Incentives – Don Vidal feels that we should have better incentives to hire subs and we have none on our list. The concern is that we have no subs at all. The question is how we attract people. Could we offer free lunch? Should we raise the pay for this? If we raise the pay, we need to revisit the budget before we do this. The finance committee will take a look at this. The pay increase will be tabled until this happens.
  15. Process for Special Projects Discussion – This will be discussed in the policy 540 discussion.
  16. Policies 1st Read
    1. 501 Weapons Policy (2nd Read)* Josie Pitts, Don Vidal, approved
    2. 409 Extra Duties Stipend (2nd Read)* Josie Pitts, Art Norton, approved
    3. 902 Use of Facilities and Equipment – Josie Pitts motioned to approve all 1st read policies on the agenda , Art Norton, approved
    4. 402 Disability Nondiscrimination
    5. 406 Public and Private Personnel Data
    6. 522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination
    7. 417 Chemical Use and Abuse
    8. 418 Drug Free Workplace/Drug Free School
    9. 419 Tobacco Free Environment
    10. 521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination
    11. 531 Pledge of Allegiance
    12. 540 Approval of Long-Term or Permanent Projects

Motion to adjourn at 5:30 by Josie Pitts, Art Norton seconded, approved

Next Meeting 3/20/18

Northern Lights Community School

Board of Directors Meeting

January 16, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

Board Members Present:           Karen Fleming, Shannon Zozgornik, Don Vidal, Josie Pitts-Lobe, Matt Alleva, Vicki Martin

Board Member Not Present:     Art Norton

Non Board Members Present:   Mike Hamernick, Becky McCauley, Jackie Esler

Motion to convene by Don Vidal at 3:30 p.m.; second by Vicki Martin.  Motion carries.

  1. Mission Statement read by Matt Alleva.
  2. One item was added to our agenda:  3.a.  Finance Team Minutes

Approval of Consent Agenda:   The consent agenda included the December board meeting minutes, treasurer’s report, and director’s report.

Motion made by Don Vidal to approve meeting agenda with said change and approve consent agenda as presented; second by Vicki Martin.   Motion carries.

a.  Approval of Minutes:  (included in consent agenda)

3. Treasurer’s Report:  There were no questions on checks issued in December.  Cash balance as of 12/31/17 is $432,146.11.  As of 12/31/2017 actual ADM was 100.7 (below budgeted ADM of 102). Motion made by Shannon Zozgornik and second by Karen Fleming to approve the following resolutions:

            Resolution 1:  To approve December operating receipts of $151,867.84

Resolution 2:  To approve December checks 10121 – 10153 of $167,815.19

Resolution 3:  To approve December miscellaneous disbursements of $0.00

Motion carries.

a. Finance Team Minutes:  Josie reviewed January 9, 2018 Finance Meeting minutes with the board.

  1. Lee Matson Update: Lee was not available when we called him.  There will be a budget revision next month.
  2. NLCS Emergency Action Plan:  Todd Hassell joined us to share with the board recommended changes to our NLCS Emergency Action Plan. It was decided to table this to give us the opportunity to look at our Crisis Management Policy and compare these two.
  3.  Shared Expenses for NLCS:  Vickie Kepler made the board aware of an invoice pertaining to annual maintenance on our security system.  The invoice is not due at this time, but we need to determine whether it is the school or building company’s responsibility. Mike will review the lease and we will revisit at our next board meeting.
  4. Monetary Threshold for Double Check Signatures:  Is there a dollar amount that should require double check signatures?  After discussion, motion made by Josie Pitts-Lobe that we will not have a threshold for double signatures on our checks; second by Vicki Martin.  Motion carries.
  5. Mid Year Director Evaluation:  Board members that had not completed evaluations did so at this time.  Matt will summarize and share results with us next month.
  6. Strategic Planning Update:

a. Assess Progress on Outcomes for Parents Survey Results: Matt shared Parent Perception Survey results with the board.  Mike went over the parent survey results from Presentation Night with the Leadership Team at their meeting on January 15th.  There were 20 respondents; mostly positive results.  We will be making this survey available again at our Presentation Night on March 22nd and it will be offered to parents as a ticket to get their meal.

b. ACNW Academic Goal Indicator 1 Mission Related Outcomes: Matt reviewed the school goal for Indicator 1: Mission Related Outcomes as well as the three measures we will be rated on.  How do we compile this data?  Mike will check with advisors to see what he can get through February.

10. Process for Special Projects Discussion:  We encourage large projects such as the greenhouse; however we also need to plan for long term maintenance and we have limited space (trout in the classroom fish tank going in downstairs; heat to be installed in the greenhouse when weather permits).  Our Policy Committee is willing to create a procedure for special projects (space in school, sustainability, cost).  Once this procedure is finalized we will share it with the Building Company.

11. Investigation Into Insurance Cost Saving:  Becky and Mike are investigating insurance quotes beyond what EdVisions offers.  The agent they met with will be able to give us a quote after EdVisions sends them claim information.

12. Director’s Report:  (included in consent agenda)

Mike shared with the board a copy of Audubon’s review of our FY17 Annual Report and World’s Best Workforce Report.  Our 2016-17 Annual Report meets all compliance requirements.

13. Policies (first read)

    1. 501  School Weapons Policy
    2. 502  Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student’s Person
    3. 514  Bullying Prohibition
    4. 414 Extra Duties Stipend (second read)

Motion made by Karen Fleming to approve first read on policies 501, 502 and 514; second by Don Vidal.  Motion carries.

Policy 414 Extra Duties Stipend will be tabled until next month’s meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Don Vidal at 5:15 p.m.; second by Shannon Zozgornik.  Motion carries.

Next Meeting 2/20/2018 @ 3:30 pm